June 2, 2020
The Brazilian National Electric Power Generation and Transmission Committee - CIGRÉ-Brasil is a civil non-profit organization established 1971, whose purpose is to promote the technical, technological and engineering Exchange in Brazil in the fields of electric power generation, its transmission on high voltage and distribution. It basically covers:

• Electric and electromechanical aspects related to electric power generation;

• Studies, projects, construction, operation and maintenance of transmission lines, substations and associated equipment or systems;

• Electro-energetic planning of systems, either insulated or interconnected, and their operation and rationalization or energy saving;

• Telecommunications, control and protection in electric systems;

• Development and application of materials, equipment and electro-energetic systems;

• Development and application of methods and techniques designed for power electric systems analysis and development;

• Aspects related to regulation and energy market, distributed generation, environment and information technology.

Comitê Nacional Brasileiro de Produção e Transmissão de Energia Elétrica
Praia do Flamengo, 66 - Bloco B - Salas 408/411
Flamengo - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
CEP: 22210-903
Tel.: +55 21 2556-5929
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