January0 21, 2020
Joining CIGRÉ
Admission Procedure
Membership Application Form

By joining CIGRÉ, the Individual member, Company, University or Student will be joining at the same time CIGRÉ-International and the Brazilian Committee.

After receiving applicant’s documentation, the secretary office will process his/her membership and inform the Central Committee in Paris, which thereafter will also send him/her all applicable documentation.

• 1. Complete the application form;
• 2. Provide for membership annual payment. Payment may be made by means of electronic payment form or identified bank deposit pursuant to the information below:

CIGRÉ Anuidade [CIGRÉ Membership annual fee]
Banco do Brasil S/A
Agência: 3519-X
Conta Corrente: 400.000-5

Note: Annual membership fee for 2005 varies according to member class:

1. Individual Member I: R$ 250.00 – Includes engineers, college teachers, researchers, businessmen and company managers;
2. Individual Member II: R$ 125.00 – Applies to undergraduates or those who even being graduates still do not earn compensation compatible with their academic background, being therefore eligible to a small allowance;
3. Corporate Member I: R$ 3,000.00 – Includes public utility companies (state-owned, mixed or private), manufacturing companies, consulting firms, research centers,  assemblers, integrators and other companies, government agencies and technical or scientific associations;
4. Corporate Member II: R$ 1,500.00 – Includes education institutions and universities.