July 5, 2020
03.10.2011 - The CIGRE-Brazil beat his record and reached the equivalent of 1059 members. This marks only was achieved through the participation of all members. Are 517 individual members, 132 student members, 80 collective members and five universities. The CIGRE-Brazil thank and congratulate the member for this achievement!

03.10.2011 - 7 CIGRÉ-Brazil associates participated in the Symposium “THE ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEM OF THE FUTURE - INTEGRATING SUPERGRIDS AND MICROGRID” and Tutorial “SMARTGRIDS TECHNOLGIES FOR SUPERGRIDS AND MICROGRIDS”, organized by CIGRÉ Technical Committee and by Italian National Committee, hosted by Bologna University – Faculty of Engineer, in Bologna, Italy, on September, 13rd to 15th, 2011. Visit http://cigre-bologna2011.ing.unibo.it

28.09.2011 - Click here and check out the new flyer CIGRÉ-Brasil 2011

21.09.2011 Click here and check outLIST OF ABSTRACTS SELECTED FOR THE 2012 BIENNIAL

06.09.2011 Click here and check out the Presentations of the course on "Direct Current Transmission Lines - HVDC, held on 01 and 02/09/2011, in Brasilia, click here.

25.08.2011 - It has already been sent to members CIGRÉ-Brazil the Magazines Eletroevolução, Issue 64 (also available for downloading), and Electra, 256th edition.

22.07.2011 - Clique Click here and check out the new folder CIGRE-Paris

e-Session 2020
25/08/2020 a 03/09/2020
XV STPC - Seminário Técnico de Proteção e Controle
12/10/2020 a 15/10/2020
Comitê: B5
IX ENAM - Encontro Nacional de Máquinas Rotativas
16/11/2020 a 18/11/2020
Comitê: Comitê de Estudos A1 - Máquinas Rotativas
III SNCESF - Seminário Nacional CIGRE de Energia Solar Fotovoltaica
20/11/2020 a 21/11/2020
Comitê: C6
Workshop e Tutorial 2020 Sistemas de HVDC no Brasil – Uma Realidade em Expansão
24/11/2020 a 25/11/2020
Comitê: Comitê de Estudos B4 - Elos de Corrente Contínua e Eletrônica de Potência
Workshop e Curso sobre Medição Fasorial e suas Aplicações em Proteção em Controle
01/12/2020 a 03/12/2020
Comitê: Comitê de Estudos B5 - Proteção e Automação
XVI EDAO - Encontro para Debates de Assuntos da Operação
26/04/2021 a 28/04/2021
Comitê: Comitê de Estudos C2 - Operação e Controle de Sistemas

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